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25 Settembre 2017

Hoene is proud to inform about a new installation of a rotary filtration system equipped with super hydrophilic membranes (SHM) with 20 micron pore size for a very difficult waste water to treat I mean from collecting of several different types of landfill leachates with suspended oil too.

We are removing almost 300 ppm of suspended oil  like first step of the treatment cycle before chemical physical and biological treatments. In this case it is easier to manage the following depuration steps without the instruments controls getting dirty and  less COD to oxide.

  • Capacity: 20 m3/h
  • Power installed: 3 KW
  • Filtration area: 1,8 m2
  • CODin : 5500 mg/lt
  • CODout: 4000 mg/lt

tanks to SHM produced by Hoene it is possible to approach with a very easy filtration process – Dead End filtration on rotative disks – instead of a traditional and expensive cross flow process.


Note: after the oil removal, we tested the filtered water (BOD/COD = 1/6) with our advanced electrical oxidation with very high ratio COD removal  over 80 % I mean final COD 700 mg/lt.



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