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27 Giugno 2017


In our technologies for anions removal by adsorption, we can also propose a new process for an easier and cheaper process with respect of traditional process (Flocculation, Reverse Osmosis and Ion exchange resins).

After the optimal result for sulphates removal from pickling wastewater, now we completed also a first trial for Boron removal from a very difficult wastewater coming from a collection of many different streams in a Industrial waste treatment platform.

Where traditional flocculation treatments did not show results, we removed 99% of the boron with our special selective adsorbent HANSO BORON by Hoene with an easier and cheaper process.

  • Inlet: 10 ppm
  • Outelt: <0,5 ppm
  • Contact time 15 min

We treated also with the same procedure, seawater like pre treatment for industrial use and we obtained the same high removal efficiency (from 4000 ppm to less than 2 ppm in the treaded water).

We think with this new process we can treat many types of waste water thanks to

  • Selectivity for boron
  • High removal efficiency of Boron – 99 %
  • Boron concentration reachable in treated water until the limits for discharging down to 2 mg/lt
  • No eluates to discharge and minimal volume of hazardous solid waste.
  • Minimal installation costs


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