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14 Giugno 2017

[:it]Many industrial wastewaters, particularly coming from pickling or mining process, contain high concentrations of sulphate. These concentrations typically exceed the limits for discharging so Hoene srl has developed and now holds its own chemical physical treatment alternative to the traditional technologies that are present on the market like

  • Chemical precipitation by lime (low cost but non discharging limits reachable)
  • Ion exchange (high installation cost and large volume of eluates to discharge)
  • Membrane separation (high installation cost and large volume of eluates to discharge)


The Hoene process can reduce sulphate concentration in most wastewaters to less than 100 mg/L through use of a proprietary powdered reagent with the following advantages

  • High removal efficiency of sulphate – 95 %
  • Sulphate concentration reachable in treated water until down to 100 mg/lt
  • Additional removal of metals and other parameters (Boron)
  • No eluates to discharge and minimal volume of hazardous solid waste.
  • Minimal installation costs


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