Boron removal is one of our  special targets so  we treat it with our special EC set up salt waste water like a particular challenge because many factors and interfering elements ions can limit or even inhibit the process.

In this case, we removed Boron by Electrocoagulation where all the traditional technologies like resin and chemical physical treatments failed before.

This stream is coming from double treatment where different waste water are treated togheter so after


  1. Chemical physical coagulation (FeCl3 + lime)
  2. Biological oxidation


We have a boron content of 27 mg/lt.before our EC unit.

The target to reach is the limit for discharging meaning under 4 mg/lt


  • Boron in: 27 mg/lt
  • Boron out: 1,4 mg/lt
  • Contact Time: 20 min

·         Specific treatment cost: 3,5 €/ton[:]